1. ED is only a problem in old men – Studies have shown an increasing amount of younger men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction. It isn’t 100% clear why this is happening, however, we know ED is something that gets worse as time goes on. The right time to get treatment is as soon as possible to prevent worsening.

2. ED is largely psychological – While psychological factors may be at play when a man struggles to get an erection, ED itself is largely a physical condition resulting from lack of blood flow to the penis.

3. Trouble getting an Erection always means ED – Sexual performance issues are a spectrum. Most men will experience trouble getting an erection at some point in their lives, that doesn’t automatically mean they have ED.

4. Taking Testosterone Cures ED – Testosterone treatments are effective for men with low testosterone. While testosterone is linked to sex drive, it isn’t the main issue in most cases of erectile dysfunction.

5. Pills are the Only Solution – Pills are far from the only treatment option for sexual performance issues. While Viagra and other innovative pills changed the ED treatment industry for good, there have been new and in some ways better developments since then.

  • Injections – generally a secondary consideration after trying pills. Doctors typically prescribe this treatment due to side-effects resulting from pill use or as pills lose their effectiveness. It is a less pleasant approach but typically longer lasting.

  • Wave therapy – Acoustic wave therapy is gaining traction as a treatment for ED. This uses sound waves to induce microtrauma – which can be painless or quite painful depending on the protocol – and restore blood flow to the penis and even induce the growth of new blood vessels. Studies are typically cited to support this technology but nearly all of these only refer to shockwave where the vast majority of new clinics use acoustic waves.

  • Linear Piezo Energy Protocol – Relatively new and completely innovative, linear piezo energy protocol is painless and discreet treatment using a specialized shockwave. Our soundwave technology helps men of all ages and conditions with their sexual performance issues.

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