Preventative treatment

You can prevent E.D. with periodic applications.

As you age, the liklihood of developing E.D. and lowering your sexual performance increases by roughly 10 percent each decade. This means, by their 40th birthday, 40% of men experience E.D. and/or decreased sexual performance. You can prevent this from happening by applying low-intensity shockwave therapy as part of your semi-annual routine.

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Semi-annual or even annual treatments can help prevent E.D. and keep your sexual performance high.

We are confident that we can treat all men with declining performance.

Prevent E.D. by treating blood flow, the root cause of sexual performance decline.

Unlike other treatments and procedures, ours is 100% pain-free.

After the procedure, there no recovery time or downtime whatsoever.

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Invest in your own sexual future and start with preventative treatments now.

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