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LPEP generates waves differently than other wave-based therapies. The result is a wave that is linearly focused, and penetrates deeper in the penis to produce a more permanent effect at the cellular level.

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How It Works

Linear Piezo Energy Protocol

Linear Piezo Energy Protocol (LPEP) treats blood flow, the root cause of sexual performance decline. Blood vessels narrow or weaken for many reasons including, age, lifestyle, and health issues. LPEP helps reverse this natural decline in performance. Once blood flow is improved, sexual performance improves.

Linear Piezo Energy Protocol
Other Wave Therapies

"I discovered that all shockwave therapy is not the same."


"I’m not usually one to talk about my personal life, but this treatment is AMAZING! Your staff was friendly and respectful and never made me feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. I will be telling all my friends that are dealing with ED about your clinic."

Thomas C.77

My partner confided in me that he was taking pills to help him with our love making. He made excuses when I was hot because he hadn't taken his "little helper". All this made me sad and I questioned myself because I felt that I no longer excited him. We are now good and still together because a friend of ours told us about an effective treatment for improving blood flow, and it doesn't involve medication. πŸ˜‰

Jennifer P.54

I have been married to Tim for 34 years. If I know one thing about him is that he never likes help with anything. When his performance in our bedroom started to affect our marriage, and we found ourselves arguing more, I started to research options and found this amazing clinic. We are arguing less and enjoying each other more...

Subo B.60

I was nervous and embarrassed about getting treatment for my ED, but I was also desperate. Your all male staff made me feel comfortable and most importantly the treatment started working after the first few visits

Kelvin B.36

The stress in my husband's life was often an excuse for his problem. I heard an ad on (radio station) and called Metro Men's Health to find out what they could do to help. We are glad we did and wish to thank Dr. G and the staff in Tysons.

Emily L.47

Thank you Metro for helping restore Clark's vitality


It’s been 5 years since I have been able to get an erection. I had lots of side effects with pills and the needles were not an option for me. I was nervous and embarrassed about coming to your clinic but I was pretty desperate. The people at the clinic made me feel comfortable and most importantly the treatments started working after the first few visits. Thanks for everything. You really have given me my life back.

Paul B61

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