Sex is a powerful emotional experience shared between partners. When sexual performance issues, including erectile dysfunction, arise, there can be emotional fallout for the man and his partner. Emotional problems linked to ED can frustrate otherwise healthy relationships.

At Metro Men’s Health, we understand the emotional side of sexual performance. We pride ourselves in treating all aspects of ED, and the following is a look at the emotional consequences of sexual performance. If you have more questions give us a call or take a look at some of our other content.

Low Self Esteem

Sexual performance issues are common across the United States and the world. That being said, men are still hesitant to be open about it. ED often has a demoralizing effect on a man’s self-esteem.

This is problematic because ED is a mental struggle as well as a physical one. Once ED lowers self-esteem it can be that much more difficult to achieve sexual performance the next time around. It’s an emotionally devastating cycle.

Partner Feels Rejection

It’s important to understand that sexual performance issues affect the man’s partner. Clinical psychologists suggest that the partner may be plagued by thoughts such as “what’s wrong with me?” and “am I not attractive anymore?” ED can make the partner feel rejected.

Misunderstanding Leads to Tension

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition, it’s not a reflection of a partner’s attractiveness. Unfortunately, misunderstanding abounds when a man is suffering issues of sexual performance. Those misunderstanding may cause tension in a relationship like:

  • A reluctance to be intimate

  • An unhealthy preoccupation with sexual performance

  • Physical and mental self-esteem issues for both partners

These tensions can’t be resolved without open communication. It’s important to have a plan to find effective treatment if tensions stemming from ED are cracking a relationship.

Emotional Benefits of Our Therapy

At Metro Men’s Health our innovative treatment, Linear Piezo Energy is effective in over 80% of our patients. While the physical benefits are many, there are emotional benefits to the treatment as well. Our treatment:

  • Doesn’t require the man to step away to take a pill

  • Is discreet, minimizing embarrassment

  • Is painless, requiring no downtime

The bottom line is that it works. Men of all ages and health conditions have seen sexual performance improvements in our clinics. These improvements help self-confidence, get men back in the game, and ultimately improve relationships.

Take the first step to improving your sexual performance, get in touch with us today.

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