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Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

"I’m not usually one to talk about my personal life, but this treatment is AMAZING! Your staff was friendly and respectful and never made me feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. I will be telling all my friends that are dealing with ED about your clinic."

Thomas C.77

My partner confided in me that he was taking pills to help him with our love making. He made excuses when I was hot because he hadn't taken his "little helper". All this made me sad and I questioned myself because I felt that I no longer excited him. We are now good and still together because a friend of ours told us about an effective treatment for improving blood flow, and it doesn't involve medication. 😉

Jennifer P.54

I have been married to Tim for 34 years. If I know one thing about him is that he never likes help with anything. When his performance in our bedroom started to affect our marriage, and we found ourselves arguing more, I started to research options and found this amazing clinic. We are arguing less and enjoying each other more...

Subo B.60

I was nervous and embarrassed about getting treatment for my ED, but I was also desperate. Your all male staff made me feel comfortable and most importantly the treatment started working after the first few visits

Kelvin B.36

The stress in my husband's life was often an excuse for his problem. I heard an ad on (radio station) and called Metro Men's Health to find out what they could do to help. We are glad we did and wish to thank Dr. G and the staff in Tysons.

Emily L.47

Thank you Metro for helping restore Clark's vitality


It’s been 5 years since I have been able to get an erection. I had lots of side effects with pills and the needles were not an option for me. I was nervous and embarrassed about coming to your clinic but I was pretty desperate. The people at the clinic made me feel comfortable and most importantly the treatments started working after the first few visits. Thanks for everything. You really have given me my life back.

Paul B.61

Metro Men’s Health is a professional organization that values its clients. Totally recommend.

Michael K61

This was a long time in coming for me. Just couldn't admit there was a problem. But we know there is and doesn't get better. Make the call!! When I used pills to assist, it just wasn't satisfying. After treatment everything is GREAT!

Junior S

Extremely pleased with the overall experience that MMH have given us. Husband has been given a life changing experience and a total adjustment to his overall health.

Lolita M

Have tried different ED treatments, on and off results, the new wave technology used here has been the most successful. The best thing about their treatments is that it's pain-free.

David M

This procedure is a life changing experience for men. It’s a breakthrough. All I can say, it’s a Magical success for me. I am very happy and pleased with metro men for changing my life and self esteem and confidence again as a men.

Sam T

I have to be honest, I was very skeptical at first and really didn’t want to go here. With all the scams out there, I was scared of another hoax. This place completely changed my mind. They made me feel extremely comfortable and were able to do what no other provider has for me to this point, explain to me why this is happening.

Paul D

I went to this clinic in hopes of finding a solution to a long time life issue and all I can say is, WOW!!!
From the moment I walked in, I was absolutely blown away by the professionalism and clarity the entire staff provided. The doctor explained to me the treatments, how this issue occurs, and verified the need for me to improve my blood flow. They helped me figure out a plan to receive these treatments so that me and my wife could afford them on our limited budget. After years of dissatisfaction, intimacy is finally once again pleasurable and I couldn't be happier with my results. This is money well spent and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a better way to spice things up without having to take a pill.

Paul J

Had a great experience from start to finish! Started off skeptical with being at a younger age with this issue, but something told me this was worth my time. I am happy to report it has been almost a year since and have yet to have any problem since in my sex life. My wife and I have never been any happier in our relationship! Thank You Metro Men's Health for all you've done!

Andrew D

Thanks to these gentlemen, my husband received much needed treatment and our love life has returned.

Marie B

Metro Men's Health, a place where I believe my husband and I were treated the best out of all of the all-mens clinic in the area. They included me in all parts of the consultation and made sure I was included.

Nancy G

I have been seeing results. It has been a painless process and I recommend metro mens to anyone in my situation!

John T

The treatment was easy and painless. It was very simple and did make a difference in the blood flow and improved the things that made for a better physical being and functionality.

Steven Whitman

Great Visit , Excellent staff that truly practices social distancing in their office. Treatments are not painful or embarrassing. Doing my treatments the explanations and information given to me has been very helpful and clearly communicated to better my outcome.

A. Cheek

Fantastic group of gentleman, answer all my needs, and are bringing my life back.

James McGill

They really know what they are doing and have made the experience very pleasant and easy. Metro Men’s Health has really helped improve my love life and sexual experiences.

R Brooks

Well, thank God for Metro Men's Health. I must admit, I was a little hesitant at first due to the things and places that I have tried, but my mom said to never lose hope. The treatment went very well. The bottom line is that it WORKS.

Charles McDaniel

This is not your typical clinic. These guys are innovating. I wasnt waiting for hourrrrrs and I am pleased to review the place because of the technology and people doing the treatments. ED is a thing of the past. Give it a go.

J Jackson

I was very surprised at the results of the treatment . I tried all sorts of advertised products . The gentlemen at Metro were great with service and good people to talk to . I'm very grateful for finally getting some results . I will recommend this treatment for all men like me . I'm seventy and still working it.

Terry Beasley

I cannot speak highly enough about the amazing staff at Metro Men's Health. I was a bit skeptical at first, because I had never heard of this procedure, and my PC doctor told me there was not a fix for it erectile dysfunction. When i called in to ask some questions, jonathan was very helpful in explaining what they do and i decided to book an appointment. The clinical staff was kind and helpful. The clinic was clean, sterile and comfortable. MOST IMPORTANTLY THE TREATMENTS WORK!! My wife and I have been married for over 20 years, but our friends all say we are acting like newly weds again! THANK YOU METRO!!!!

Chase Turnquest

After hearing about Metro Men’s Health on the radio and having treatment sessions with the caring and understanding people I have seen major improvements with the ED issues I had. Nothing but the best, I highly recommend them.

Tom Hillis