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Get answers to some of your biggest questions and learn more about E.D. and Linear Piezo Energy Protocol.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Linear Piezo Energy Protocol (LPEP)?

It is a series of painless, non-invasive treatments that repairs, rebuilds, and restores blood vessels to increase your natural blood flow.
Adequate blood flow is essential for a firm and spontaneous erection. Limited or lacking blood flow is the root cause of sexual performance decline.
LPEP is the only available option to treat the root cause of sexual performance issues.

Who is it for?

Any man who is starting to see a decline in sexual performance is a candidate for Linear Piezo Energy Protocol treatment.
The treatment is an encouraging option for men who have not responded to pharmaceutical remedies or are experiencing negative side effects.
From decreased firmness to performance decline, all the way to chronic ED, Linear Piezo Energy Protocol can benefit you.
During your initial evaluation, the provider will give you a complete diagnosis and will create a personalized treatment plan for your specific situation.

Does it work?

Yes – it is completely proven! We have seen over an 85% success rate with our patients.
The Linear Piezo Energy Protocol (LPEP) was developed in Europe and there has become the gold standard for treating ED.  This technology has recently been made available in the United States. Clinical evidence demonstrates that the LPEP generates improved penile blood flow resulting in significantly improved erectile function without adverse effects. Additional studies show that the LPEP has the capability to address declining sexual performance.

What are the expected benefits? How long until I see results?

  • Improved erectile function
  • Enhanced performance
  • Increased stimulation
  • More spontaneous erections
  • Improved sensitivity and satisfaction

How quickly you see results can vary based on each individual. Our physician will be able to give you a good idea of when you can expect results during your initial evaluation.

Is it safe?

It is absolutely safe. The technology is non-invasive with no pain, needles, drugs, surgery, or side effects of any kind.

The technology we use was developed in Europe and is currently being used in the US for improving blood circulation and treating soft tissue. We are the exclusive US collaborating partner with Dr. Motil in Europe, the foremost pioneer and world leading expert on this kind of treatment for sexual performance decline.

How do I know if I am a candidate?

Because of the non-invasive nature of the treatment, most men are candidates. The first step is to set up an evaluation with our Physician. He will evaluate your current medical condition and will test your current blood flow to create a treatment plan specific to you.

What is the treatment like? Is it painful?

The treatment consists of a series of six to twelve 20-minute sessions in our office over the course of a few weeks. Unlike acoustic wave therapy, which is often touted as “nearly painless” the treatment is not painful whatsoever. You can return immediately to your normal routine as there are no side-effects nor recovery time.

How quickly can I return to my regular activities after treatment?

Immediately after treatment. There is no recuperation or down time required. You can return immediately to your normal routine. In fact, because the treatment sessions are relatively quick we have patients that come on their lunch break and return immediately to work.

How will you ensure my privacy?

We have helped thousands of men nationwide and our staff is extremely sensitive to the nature of the issue. We strive to make all of our patients feel completely comfortable from the scheduling process through the treatment. Our scheduling is geared to get you in and out with a focus on your privacy and confidentiality where you only discuss your condition with our clinically trained medical staff.
We are completely HIPAA compliant and work to maintain the highest level of patient confidentiality with our records and communication.

Is this covered by insurance or Medicare?

Our treatments are considered an elective procedure, therefore, we do not bill through insurance nor accept care cards. We can provide the paperwork to submit to your insurance company to see if they will reimburse treatment cost, but our experience is that they generally do not. We do however accept HSA and FSA cards.

What if I have Diabetes?

We have many diabetic patients and we have seen great success in treatment. Diabetes does not disqualify you from our treatments. The best thing you can do is schedule an evaluation with our physician to discuss your specific medical history and the success you can expect from our Linear Piezo Energy Protocol treatments.

What if I have had a prostatectomy or prostate cancer?

A prostatectomy and prostate cancer can be causes for ED. We have helped many patients that have had a prostatectomy or suffered from prostate cancer. Speaking with our providers will help you understand what specific treatments will be effective for you.

Does this treat Peyronie's Disease?

Our treatments help with Peyronie’s by repairing soft tissue. This helps reduce the discomfort experienced with erections and can help reduce the curvature or deformity of your penis. We are confident that we can help. Because cases vary so widely, the best thing to do is schedule an appointment with one of our providers. They can help you understand what treatments will be necessary to address your specific case of Peyronie’s.

What is the out-of-pocket cost for treatment?

Our treatment plans are specific to each patient’s diagnosis. Based on your medical history and blood flow exam, you’ll be prescribed a treatment plan by the provider that will be most effective for your specific condition. The price will depend on the prescription that he provides during your evaluation.
The cost includes all of your treatment sessions, exams, and tests in one. There is not a price per treatment session as each individual treatment varies in length and intensity.
To schedule an appointment please give us a call here or chat with us in the lower right.

Are payment plans available?

We offer a wide range of payments plans and will make it work for anyone. We strive to make our treatments affordable and straightforward.
Our top priority is to make all patients comfortable with their treatments, privacy, and finances. Based on your personalized treatment plan, should you require, our patient advocates can help you set up a payment plan you are comfortable with.

Why do I have to pre-pay for my initial evaluation?

Our physicians only meet with new patients two days per week and therefore can only see a limited number of new patients. We ask that you prepay in order to reserve your spot with the physician. The fee is included in the price of the treatment and covers the cost of the initial evaluation. Your fee will be refunded if the physician determines that you are not eligible for treatment.

What does my payment get me at my initial evaluation?

Your initial evaluation will include a blood flow ultrasound to determine your level of sexual performance decline related to blood flow. You will also meet with our provider who will, according to your test results and medical history, prescribe a personalized treatment plan based on your individual situation. If you choose to move forward with your treatment plan, you can have your first treatment session on the same day. If the doctor determines you are not eligible for our treatment, your fee will be refunded.