Restorative ED Treatments

Restorative ED treatments using Linear Focused Shockwave therapy is the best option for patients who are currently exhibiting symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction and are looking to regain sexual function and performance.

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Focused Shockwave Therapy: Restorative ED Treatments

The treatment consists of a total of six or more 20-minute sessions in our office over the course of a few weeks. The treatment is adjusted for optimal effectiveness for each individual patient.

The bottom line is that our treatment works. The best part? It’s highly discreet and totally painless, with no recovery time required. Call us today to take the first step to better sexual performance. Regain your sexual performance with Linear Focused Shockwave therapy.

See Real, Lasting Results!

Our treatment protocol has seen great success across all of our patients. The treatment improves blood flow and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels inside of the penis, treating the root cause of a patient’s ED. Linear Focused Shockwave therapy has helped gentlemen:

  • Across the spectrum of ED, from mild to severe
  • Who have not had success with pharmaceutical remedies
  • Who have suffered negative side effects from other ED treatments
  • Who have diabetes
  • Who suffer from Peyronie’s disease

Restorative ED Treatments

Scientifically Studied

The technology and methods we utilize are backed by numerous scientific studies. We are confident that we can help restore and protect your sexual health.

Completely Pain-Free

Unlike other ED treatments and procedures, Linear Focused Shockwave therapy is 100% pain-free.

No Downtime

After the treatments, there is no painful recovery period or mandatory downtime whatsoever.

100% Private

From your initial evaluation through your treatment sessions, we offer our patients absolute discretion and privacy.

Restorative ED Treatment in Clinics Across the U.S.

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction signs and symptoms, it is important to know that your condition is treatable! Don’t let ED affect your quality of life, speak with the specialists at Metro Men’s Health about our restorative Linear Focused Shockwave therapy. Take the first step towards treating erectile dysfunction by calling our offices or schedule a consultation online today!

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