Scientifically Proven To Help With Erectile Dysfunction

What is Linear Focused Shockwave Therapy?

Linear Focused Shockwave (LFS) therapy is a pain-free shockwave therapy. It promotes increased blood flow and tissue restoration which improve sexual health and performance. LFS therapy has been scientifically evaluated and demonstrated to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction (ED). Numerous studies, including those linked below, have demonstrated the efficacy of shockwave treatments in improving blood flow and restoring tissue.

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

As men age, blood vessels, including those that deliver blood to the penis, harden resulting in decreased blood flow. ED resulting from reduced blood flow, referred to as Vasculogenic ED, is by far the most common form of ED. If you are seeing any signs of declining sexual health or performance, your best step is to meet with our medical provider to see if reduced blood flow might be the issue. Our doctor will evaluate your condition and then can discuss your options with you.

Metro Men’s Health Can Help You

At Metro Men’s Health, we use a specialized form of low-intensity, pain-free shockwaves known as Linear Focused Shockwaves to restore and protect your sexual health. The unique energy waves delivered by this scientifically proven technology have been demonstrated by many clinical studies (some linked below) to improve blood flow to the penis and restore sexual health via multiple mechanisms. 

Linear Focused Shockwave therapy is designed to:

  • Soften blood vessel walls increasing blood-carrying capacity
  • Stimulate the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis)
  • Regenerate penile tissue

All of these restore and protect your sexual health, lead to harder, stronger erections, and  improve sexual performance

Erectile Dysfunction

How Linear Focused Shockwave Therapy Works

Linear Focused Shockwave therapy uses pulsed energy waves that converge at a specifically determined therapeutic depth. These waves are focused in a line, not a single point like other technologies, to allow more complete and consistent tissue coverage. The effect occurs at the cellular level, inside the tissue. There is no pain or discomfort experienced by the patient.

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Why Choose Metro Men’s Health?

For many men, there is no longer the need to settle for popping a pill or, worse, inserting a needle into your penis every time you want have sex. Science has advanced to a point where men have options before resorting to surgery and the associated painful recovery and potential complications of an implant.

We’re committed to helping gentlemen restore and protect their sexual health regardless of where they are on the continuum, from wanting to protect good sexual health to mild ED, to those with severe, chronic ED. Call us today and let’s discuss your options. 

In our clinics across the country, we’ve seen a success rate of over 80%. Our innovative treatment is:

  • Completely painless
  • Treatment plans are designed personally for you to meet your goals and needs 
  • Backed by scientific studies and evidence
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Wave Therapy Explained

Wave therapies, developed in the last 20 years, have introduced a new approach to addressing men’s sexual health. The goal of shockwave therapy is to restore blood flow to the penile region and regenerate tissue, providing a long-term approach to restoring and protecting your sexual health.

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Linear Focused Shockwave Therapy

Things to Consider

Shockwave therapy is the first treatment for men’s sexual health that offers both long-term results for men with ED and help for those trying to protect their sexual health in order to avoid ED. It accomplishes this by addressing vascular health, the key to sexual health, instead of just temporarily masking the symptoms of ED. 

On top of this, there are no side effects! However, not all wave therapies are created equal

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  • Some wave therapies can be quite painful, often requiring topical anesthetic. Our Linear Focused Shockwave therapy is completely pain-free. 
  • Some wave therapies focus on a single point leading to inconsistent tissue coverage. LPEP™ has a linear focus allowing for complete and consistent tissue coverage.
  • Some wave therapies have fixed focus depth. LPEP™ is customizable to each patient.
  • Some clinics try to treat a little bit of everything. Metro Men’s Health specializes in men’s sexual health with over a dozen clinics nationwide. Trust the experts!

Learn About Linear Focused Shockwave Therapy!

Contact Metro Men’s Health to learn more and to take the first step in restoring and protecting your sexual health. Life is too short to wait and things are just going to get worse as you age. Metro Men’s Health is ready to answer your questions and work with you to find the best option for your personal situation. Call us or reach out to us online today!