Different Shockwave Therapies

Shockwave therapy is a relatively new technology in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Gentlemen looking for the right treatment may find that there are essentially two different types of therapy designated as shockwave, Linear Piezo Energy Protocol (focused shockwave therapy) and Acoustic Wave Therapy (often referred to as Acoustic Pressure Therapy).

The following is an explanation of the difference in the application and results of the two therapies.

Acoustic Wave or Gainswave

Other clinics use Acoustic Wave Therapy, sometimes called Gainswave, Acoustic Pressure Therapy, or other variations.

How it’s Applied

Acoustic Wave Therapy can be imagined like waves on the surface of water. This therapy creates ongoing oscillations that push like a massage on the surface level of the penis. There is an increase in blood flow, the skin heats up, turns red, and the treated area may become mildly inflamed.

A Graph Of How The Acoustic Wave or Gainswave Looks


Little to no ED treatment success is experienced after Acoustic Wave Therapy. Men may initially believe the therapy is successfully treating their ED because of the surface level response and pain they experience during the treatment. The acoustic waves do not reach the inside of the penis, the area that needs the ED treatment, leaving patients disappointed and their ED unimproved.

Linear Piezo Energy Protocol (Focused Shockwave Therapy)

At Metro Men’s Health we use Linear Piezo Energy Protocol (also known as Focused Shockwave Therapy)

How it’s Applied

Linear Piezo Energy Protocol is a focused shockwave therapy. It sends pulses that converge at a focused point on the penis. The effect occurs at the cellular level, inside the tissue. There is virtually no pain or discomfort experienced by the patient.

A Graph Of How The Linear Piezo Energy Protocol Wave

Treatment Plan

The treatment consists of a total of six or more 20-minute sessions in our office over the course of a few weeks. The treatment is adjusted to optimize the effectiveness in each individual patient.


Our treatment protocol has seen over 80% with our patients. The treatment improves blood flow and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels inside of the penis, effectively treating the patient’s erectile dysfunction.

Linear Piezo Energy Protocol has helped gentlemen:

  • Across the spectrum of ED, from mild to severe

  • Who haven’t seen success with pharmaceutical remedies

  • Who have suffered negative side effects from other ED treatments

  • Who have diabetes

  • Who suffer from Peyronie’s disease

The bottom-line is that our treatment works. The best part? It’s completely discreet and painless, no recovery time required. Call us today to take the first step to better sexual performance.

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