For much of human history, men suffering from sexual performance issues were without effective treatment of any kind. Sure, you had your mandrakes, oysters, and other touted aphrodisiacs, but it wasn’t until recent history that medical science found real solutions to erectile dysfunction (ED).

In the last 100 years, major breakthroughs have been achieved, from pumps and other surgically inserted devices to pills and soundwave/shockwave therapy, culminating in the innovative treatment used by Metro Men’s Health: Linear Piezo Energy Protocol.

Pumps and Other Surgically Inserted Devices

In 1936, the German physician NA Borgus developed the world’s first penile implant out of rib cartilage, which he intended to be used by injured soldiers. This led to the eventual malleable penile implants that are used today.

While effective at creating an erection when desired, these implanted devices require surgery and extensive downtime, opening the users up to infection or other negative side effects. They are generally a means of last resort or of treating a severe injury or trauma. 


In 1998, the FDA cleared Viagra under a priority review, marking the first oral treatment for ED to hit the market. The drug found immediate success, due largely to an aggressive advertising campaign that helped undo some of the stigma surrounding ED and encouraged men to speak with their doctors. 

Viagra and similar medications are generally considered the frontline defense for sexual performance issues. Unfortunately, pills are often used as a “one size fits all” style of treatment. Many men experience unwanted side effects, and others find the medications ineffective. This is in large part because ED is most commonly a result of some larger health issue; in effect, using pills is often a case of treating the symptoms instead of the disease. 

Soundwave/Shockwave Therapy

A recent development, soundwaves or shockwaves have been used to treat erectile dysfunction. Commonly known as “GAINSWave” therapy, the idea is to use waves to stimulate blood flow to the penis. The issue with GAINSWave and other forms of wave therapy is that they’re painful, cause swelling and reddening, and do not produce lasting results. 

Linear Piezo Energy Protocol

At Metro Men’s Health, we studied wave technologies and consulted with top experts in the field. We emerged with the most advanced ED treatment in the world: the painless and effective Linear Piezo Energy Protocol.

Linear Piezo Energy Protocol is a special soundwave used to treat erectile dysfunction on the cellular level. The therapy repairs damaged blood vessels and can even stimulate the growth of new ones in a man’s penis. With improved blood vessels comes improved blood flow, which is key to achieving and maintaining an erection.

Unlike other “catch-all” solutions, Linear Piezo Energy Protocol is personalized. Our experts tailor a treatment plan specific to each patient’s sexual performance needs. No more pills, and no need for surgery or downtime: just an effective treatment plan focused on the individual. We’ve seen success in over 80 percent of our patients.

Medicine has made great strides in the last 100 years in solving ED. With surgical insertions, pills, wave therapies, and Linear Piezo Energy Protocol, there are many ways to address the problems plaguing your sexual health—the trick is in knowing which will actually solve them. At Metro Men’s Health, we can help you address and fix the health issues at play. If you have been struggling to conquer ED and are ready for a healthier, happier you, reach out to us today. We’re ready to help.

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