Erectile dysfunction has been around as long as men have been walking the Earth. For many years, ED was thought to be something incurable, something that men just had to deal with. Thankfully, with the advent of modern medicine and the progression of technology successful treatments have helped men with their sexual performance.

At Metro Men’s Health, we use the most advanced technology available to treat the full spectrum of ED. Whether it’s something you’ve been struggling with for years, or it’s a new development, our Linear Piezo Energy Protocol can help. Give us a call today, or explore more information on our website.

Early Treatments

Early ED treatments included the men of ancient Rome and Greece wearing talisman genitalia of rooster and goat. By the 13th century, ED treatments included the consumption of animal reproductive parts.

Effectiveness and Drawbacks

These were superstitions, not backed by science. While we can assume they did the best with what they had back in the day, the treatments were based on myth.

Implants and Pumps

The 1960s and 1970s saw the introduction of implants and pumps. These devices are surgically inserted and work via pump and suction, pulling blood to the penis area to create an erection.

Effectiveness and Drawbacks

Implants and pumps are effective at creating an erection on demand. They do have their drawbacks, including:

  • The ED patient must undergo surgery.

  • The potential for mechanical failure.

  • The risk of infection.


It wasn’t until 1983 that a British physicist named Giles Brindley proved a chemically induced erection by injecting himself with phenoxybenzamine. This discovery paved the way for other ED medications including Viagra and Cialis.

Effectiveness and Drawbacks

Widely used today, both over the counter and prescription ED medications generally provide men with an erection shortly after injection or consumption. They are not foolproof and come drawbacks are:

  • The pill or injection must be taken every time sexual activity is desired.

  • Many men experience unwanted side effects.

  • The pill or injection may cause dangerous reactions in men already taking certain medications, or those with health conditions.

Wave Therapies

Wave therapies, developed in the last 20 years, have introduced a new mentality to ED treatment. The goal of wave therapy is to restore blood flow to the penile region which allows for a longer lasting solution with studies showing effectiveness for up to 5 years following treatment.

Effectiveness and Drawbacks

Growing in popularity this is the first ED treatment that offers long term results. It works by treating the root cause of ED and there have been few side effects shown. Not all treatments are created equal, however:

  • Differences in treatment protocol, not heavily regulated by the FDA, lead to wide variation in results between clinics.

  • Different wave types/technology also leads to varied results

  • Some clinics don’t have an on staff physician determining what treatment path/combinations will be effective.

  • Some forms of wave therapy can be quite painful.

Linear Piezo Energy Protocol

At Metro Men’s Health, we use the most advanced ED treatment technology in the world. Linear Piezo Energy Protocol is a focused shockwave that targets the largest area possible inside of the penis to repair damaged blood vessels, rebuild weakened ones, and even stimulate the growth of new blood vessels. With increased blood flow our patients can achieve and maintain an erection.

Effectiveness and Drawbacks

In our clinics across the country, we’ve seen a success rate of over 80%. Our innovative treatment is:

  • Completely painless.

  • Adjusted by a physician to the health and needs of each patient.

  • Supported by studies and evidence.

There is no need to pop a pill or apply an injection everytime sex is desired. Avoid the surgery and painful downtime of a penile pump or implant. We’re committed to getting gentlemen across the spectrum of ED, mild to severe, back in the game. Call us today. You have nothing to lose, either we improve your sexual performance, or you get your money back.

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